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Wood Sample Kit

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    Kit includes 5 lbs. each hickory, mesquite, apple, and cherry for a total of 20 lbs. of wood. One pound of wood will smoke approximately 60 lbs. of product. The Kit has enough wood for smoking approximately 1,200 lbs. of product. Hickory is a traditional favorite, with a sweet smoke good for just about everything. Mesquite is a brasher, bolder flavor, great with beef. Good with fish, but go lightly. Apple is a mild fruitwood, good with pork and poultry. Cherry has a strong flavor. Try it with duck or prime rib of beef. Always err on the side of too little wood when loading your smoker. A small piece of wood puts out an amazing amount of smoke. If you don't get as much smoke as you want, you can always add more smoke with the next load. If you put too much smoke on a load, you won't want to eat it! Too little is better than too much. Cookshack woods are "chunks" approximately 2x2x3". Chunks of this size are necessary to supply enough wood resin to expose to the heat source for good flavoring.

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