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Commercial ELECTRIC & PELLET FIRED SMOKERS, CHARBROILERS AND PIZZA OVEN VIEW ALL VIDEO TOUR PELLET FIRED SMOKERS Our pellet smokers give you the consistent, authentic smoke flavor you crave without all the hassle of a large wood burning pit. VIEW ALL ELECTRIC SMOKERS Our smokers will work 24 hours a day turning out excellent barbecue that you can be proud of and can increase profit by cutting out the middleman. VIEW ALL CHARBROILERS Cookshack's line of pellet fired Charbroilers adds smoked flavor to steaks, chops, chicken breasts and grilled salmon, while giving you the temperature control of a gas fired broiler. VIEW ALL COMMERCIAL PIZZA OVEN Cookshack introduces the first commercial wood pellet pizza oven. Hand-crafted, artisan pizza has never been easier or tasted so good! VIEW NOW WANT TO MAKE A COMMERCIAL PURCHASE? GET IN TOUCH Our expert team will help you figure out what exactly you need and connect you with one of our sales representatives to complete your order. CONTACT US