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MANUALS COOKSHACK COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS Cookshack Charbroiler Manual (CB024, CB036, CB048) Cookshack Commercial Smart Smoker Manual (SM160, SM260, SM360) Cookshack Pizza Oven Manual (PZ400) FAST EDDY'S™ BY COOKSHACK FEC100 Manual FEC Fixed Shelf Smoker Manual (FEC120, FEC240) FEC Rotisserie Manual (FEC300, FEC500, FEC750) COOKSHACK RESIDENTIAL PRODUCTS Original Smokette Manual (SM009-2) Smokette Elite and SuperSmoker Elite Manual (SM025, SM045) Amerique Manual (SM066) Pellet Grill Manual (PG500, PG1000) PZ016 Manual FRENCH TRANSLATED COMMERCIAL OPERATOR MANUALS CB024/036/048 – Charbroiler SM160/260/360 - Electric Commercial Smokers FEC100 - Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack FEC120/240 - Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack FEC300/500/750 - Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS How to Use the Residential Cold Smoke Baffle How to Use the Commercial Cold Smoke Kit How to Use the Jerky Rods How to Use the Pepper Popper Grills How to Use the Rib Racks How to Use the Seafood Grills CURRENT RESIDENTIAL WIRING DIAGRAMS SM009-2 Wiring Diagram SM025 Wiring Diagram SM045 Wiring Diagram SM066 Wiring Diagram PG500 Wiring Diagram PG1000 Wiring Diagram FEC100 Wiring Diagram CURRENT COMMERCIAL WIRING DIAGRAMS CB024 Wiring Diagram CB036 Wiring Diagram CB048 Wiring Diagram SM160 Wiring Diagram SM260 Wiring Diagram SM360 Wiring Diagram PZ400 Wiring Diagram FEC120 Wiring Diagram FEC240 Wiring Diagram FEC300 Wiring Diagram FEC500 Wiring Diagram FEC750 Wiring Diagram COMMERCIAL VENTING Pellet Fired Rotisserie Venting Requirements for models FEC300/500/750 PZ400 Pellet Fired Pizza Oven Venting Requirements Letter FEC120 & FEC240 Pellet Fired Smoker Venting Requirements Letter FEC Commercial Pellet Fired Smoker Venting Requirements Letter SM Commercial Electric Smoker Venting Requirements Letter for models SM160/260/360