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25 lbs.lean pork
Polish sausage seasoning, to taste

For Cure:
6 c. water
2 2/3 c. binder flour


Grind product through 3/8" plate, then again through 1/8" plate.
Add seasoning, cure, water, and binder flour. Mix thoroughly. Stuff into casings and link to desired size. Hang product on smokesticks or Cookshack RibHooks. Do not allow links to touch.
Dry for 1 hour at 110°F or until product is dry to the touch. Set smoker temperature to 170°F. Smoke-cook at this temperature until internal temperature of product reaches 150° - 152°F, 3½ to 4 hours.
Remove product from smoker to ice water bath for 25 minutes.
Recommended wood: Hickory Wood