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whole boneless Muscovy duck breast
1/2 cup kosher salt
4 bay leaves, crushed
1 Tbs. thyme (fresh if possible)
1 tsp. crushed black pepper
12 cups washed baby lettuce
12 diagonal slices of French baguettes, toasted
6 oz. chevre cheese
1 1/2 cups clear vinaigrette


Trim all skin and most of the fat from the duck breast. Generously coat with kosher salt. Rinse and pat dry. Coat the underside of the breast with a mixture of thyme, bay leaves and black pepper. Smoke at 145°F for approximately 15 to 16 hours in smoker oven. Let rest in the refrigerator overnight, then slice as thinly as possible. Mound 1 cup of baby lettuce, lightly dressed with a vinaigrette. Fan out 6 slices of duck breast off to the side and garnish plate with French bread topped with a good chevre cheese.
Yield: 12 portions
Recommended wood: Apple Wood