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Meat Probe, New High Temp Cable

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    SKU: PV538 Meat Probe, New High Temp Cable

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    The new meat probe with high temp cable will replace the current meat probe for more durability (36 inches in length). This is for all current smoker models with a 2 pin twist lock connector. If you have an older smoker with a RCA style connector, you will need to order the PV429 also available online or feel free to contact tech support at 800-423-0698 with any questions.

    ***Meat probe is not compatible with SM009-2, Charbroilers, Pellet Grills, Pizza Oven or Rotisserie smokers. 

    Smoker Models:

    • SM025
    • SM045
    • SM066
    • SM160
    • SM260
    • SM360
    • FEC100
    • FEC120
    • FEC240

    Approximate Length - 36 inches

    3/5 Stars out of 1 Reviews
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    Better but not perfect
    Alaina | October 23rd, 2022
    I've bought several of these over the years. 10 years ago these were very delicate and required special handling to clean. This newer version is constructed much better but I wish I could figure out why they go bad after about 2 dozen smokes. I'm buying 2 more this time. My last smoke the probe read 178 degrees when I stuck in meat that was 56 degrees. I used a probe for a grill to compare the 2. Bottom line is these are now better and rugged but can go bad so keep a spare on hand.
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