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Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Pellet Grill

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    SKU: PG500 Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Pellet Grill

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    Cooking Capacity: You can cook a full turkey or meal for a whole family!
    Cooking Surface: Direct:  3/8 304T Stainless Steel rod grate; Indirect:  Nickel Plated Grills
    Cooking Area: 784 square inches: 10" x 18" direct cooking; 18" x 18" indirect; 10" x 28" top rack; warming drawer 19" x 13" x 4"
    Temperature Settings: 600° F maximum
    Shipping Weight: 330 lbs.
    Included Equipment: Warming Drawer, Side Shelf, Operator's Manual, Casters, 40 lbs. Hickory Pellets, Pellet Drop, Meat Probe Slide Opening, Utensil Holder
    Fuel Usage: 1.2 lbs to 2 lbs pellets per hour at 400° F
    Construction and Insulation: Non-insulated

    The only pellet grill on the market that uses charbroiler technology, allowing you to get the same great flavor as the high-end commercial grade charbroilers. If you can't see the fire, you're just cooking in an oven. This pellet grill is stainless steel with front opening doors and has an easy to use front-access ash drawer which makes ash removal simple. Leaves behind about 3% ash. Proudly made in the USA!

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    5/5 Stars out of 8 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Great Smoker
    Ken | April 12th, 2020
    I've owned mine for several years. Great smoker. Best brisket and ribs! Hot smoked salmon to die for! No get what you pay for. No regrets!
    Verified Buyer
    King of pellet grills!
    Rick Lemmon | April 25th, 2020
    I’ve had my PG-500 for a bit over a year after upgrading from an older Green Mountain Grill. The PG-500 is more than twice as expensive but it’s more than twice as good! First of all, it’s completely foolproof. You can tweak some settings if you want, but for the most part you just turn it on and it works. Period. Second, it is way easier to clean than the GMG. Emptying out the ash takes seconds. Finally, and most importantly, there’s the food. The indirect section of the grill has completely consistent temperatures across the entire surface, unlike the GMG. This makes it far easier to get consistent results from. It actually produces smoke! No special tricks or absurdly low temps needed. You get plenty of smoke at 225. I didn’t think I’d use the direct cooking section of the grill, but now I use it constantly. It can easily sear a steak and makes great burgers. There’s other great pellet grills out there, but I would buy the PG-500 again without hesitation.
    Verified Buyer
    Love this smoker/grill
    Larry Meloro | August 3rd, 2020
    So ordered my PG500 straight from cookshack and it could not have been more informative and easy . The customer service is number one , they informed when the unit was shipped and fed ex called to set up a delivery time and the grill was in perfect condition . Now the PG500 is definitely the best and easiest grill I have ever used , my steaks have a great sear , my butts pull apart unlike any other smoker I have had before . It cost a little more but you call them and some answers the phone by the third ring and you are speaking to people who are building it here in the USA . We are very happy with this purchase !!!
    Verified Buyer
    PG-500 - Best Darn Pellet Grill - Period!
    Scott Allen | October 25th, 2022
    Cookshack is Number 1! Quality, Quality and more Quality!! I've owned the PG-500 Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Pellet Grill for over a year. From the first day using the PG-500, I knew I'd never have to look at buying another Pellet Grill. First off, the craftmanship and materials used are the best out there. It still looks new sitting on my patio and performs flawlessly! This baby is packed with useful, top-notch features like - * Commercial Quality. * Easy cleaning, high quality Stainless Steel. My great, great, great, great grand kid will love it. * Charbroil zone. Ability to grill anything up to 600+ degrees, effortless. * Easy access doors. Dual doors help maintain internal smoke and heat. * Easy ash clean-out drawer. * 3 cooking zones - Charbroiler, smoker, and cold smoking drawer. * Quality, heavy duty locking caster wheels. * Large, easily accessible Pellet bin. * Set and forget controls. Set the temperature and the unit will maintain within a few degrees. * Or - custom settings if you prefer. You control the amount of smoke. * Nice side shelf (I also bought the optional front shelf). * Quality, optional (perfectly fitting) all weather cover. * Long electrical cord. * Performs well in most weather conditions. (It is not insulated for very cold conditions; however, it still works well during Minnesota winters). In addition - * Nice friendly people at Cookshack are a pleasure to work with. * Great shipping. Delivered on time, in great condition. Years ago, (20+) I purchased the Cookshack Smoke 050 electric smoker. This sold me on the Cookshack brand. I am still using this unit and turning out perfect smoked foods. NOTE: Cookshack still carries spare parts for this unit. For the best flavor, do yourself a favor. Buy the PG-500. You and your guests will be happy you did! Scott A. St. Paul, MN
    Fast Eddy’s PG500
    Remington Ranch | February 5th, 2023
    I have waited 3 years to review this grill. I really can not express in words how happy I am with this unit. Never actually owning a pellet grill before, I did very extensive research on multiple grills at this price point and finally decided that the “Fast Eddie” was the one for me. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of of other units at this price point but the quality far surpasses the other brands that I researched. The final “nail in the coffin” for the other brands was that none of them had direct fire sear. This was a huge issue for me and, in the end, made my decision much easier. In 3 years I have had no issues with this grill. It’s real Stainless and everything about it is quality. Make sure you’ve been to the gem if you need to move it without being able to role it.
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