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8 sides of salmon
1 c. Morton’s TenderQuick
1 fresh, raw egg, in shell
1 c. brown sugar
Cookshack Cold Smoke Kit


The quantities in this recipe have been standardized for Cookshack Series 100 smoker ovens. Adjust quantities for your smoker's capacity.
Pour 1 cup of Morton's TenderQuick into a large non-reactive container. Place egg (in shell) in same container. Add water until the egg floats. Remove the egg. Add brown sugar. Mix well. Fully immerse the salmon in brine. Refrigerate for 8 hours.
Remove salmon from brine and pat dry. Distribute salmon on plastic tray and refrigerate for 24 hours. Load 2 sides of salmon on each of the 4 top grills of your Cookshack smoker. Remove the bottom grill and replace with the Cookshack Cold-Smoke Kit Baffle. Place a pan of ice on the Baffle. Follow Cold Smoke Kit instructions, or xet smoker's temperature to 250°F for 15 minutes or until smoke emerges from the top vent hole. Turn the smoker off.
Hold for one hour, fifteen minutes. Test for smoke flavor. If more smoke flavor is desired, repeat the process.