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Smokette Elite Model SM025


Smokette Elite Model SM025


Product Details

Anyone can make professional quality old-fashioned smoked barbecue in their own backyard with the Cookshack Smokette Elite. The Cookshack Smokette Elite has some great features. By popular demand we have added an electronic temperature controller with a meat probe. Grills measure 14" x 18" to hold full slabs of ribs and whole briskets. Want to smoke authentic barbecue in your own backyard? The Cookshack Smokette Elite is the smoker for you! It's compact, easy to use, and turns out consistently delicious ribs, brisket, pork, poultry, vegetables, and more. Put a brisket in the Smokette Elite before you leave for work. Come home to smoky, tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth brisket for dinner. Smoke ribs that will have your friends begging for more. And the Smokette Elite does not stop with traditional barbecue and smoked foods; elegant dishes with subtle smoke flavor are at your fingertips. You will love the food from your Smokette Elite.With its four casters the Smokette Elite is easy to move. Place it on its optional Storage Cart/Stand and you'll have mobility as well as storage space.

ConstructionDouble Walled Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
Insulation Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas Insulation - it does not get hot on the outside.
Dimensions 20.5" W x 17.75"  D x 31.625" H (including casters and controller)

Controller is 9" W and 5.125" H

Cooking Capacity 20 - 25 lbs. total capacity
Cooking Area  Qty 2 - 14" x 18" (35.5 x 45.7 cm)  Nickel-Plated Grills; 504 square inches
Cooking Surface
Fuel Source Electricity
Pellet Heat
Fuel Usage 5 lbs. hickory wood will last for many loads
Temperature Settings 140°-300°
Hopper Capacity
Controllers/Firepots Digital Temperature Controller
Electrical Requirements 7 amps, 120v Single Phase, 750w heating element

Power cord approximate length 63" (may vary by +/- 6")

Certifications Proudly Made in the USA!
Standard Equipment Your Smokette Elite will arrive with everything you need to start smoking immediately: 5 lbs. Hickory Smoking Wood, 'Smoking at Home' Cookbook, Operator's Manual, Meat Probe, and Aluminum Drip Pan.
Optional Equipment Stainless Steel Storage Cart, Cover, Cold-Smoke Baffle, Rib Racks, Jerky Rods, Stainless Steel Grills, Flavor Infusion Reservoir, Seafood Grills, Wood Chunks, Spices and Cookbooks. You may find yourself smoking fish, cheese, and other items you have not even thought of yet! 
Shipping Weight 92 lbs.

Cookshack Smokers flavor food with small wood chunks smoldering over an electric heating element.  Use this smoker year round outside in your garage, driveway or patio to smoke or cold smoke a variety of foods; or use the oven without wood.  It is easy to move on its four lockable casters.  It is easy to clean, the grills and racks go into the dishwasher.

Ordering is through a secure server, and your purchase comes with Cookshack's Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied, return it within 30 days for a refund, credit, or replacement of the smoker. That's it. No hassles, no worries. If you don't like it, send it back. We will cheerfully refund your money, credit your account, or replace the item. So what are you waiting for? (Please note: Customer is responsible for payment of outbound shipping and return freight. We provide packing materials for all returned smokers except Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Models FEC500 and FEC750. Buyers of these units are responsible for packing, shipping and returning these units to us in good condition.) Cookshack's Limited Warranty is as follows: 90 days from date of purchase, parts and labor; 2 years from date of purchase, parts only.  Replacement parts are warranted one year from date of purchase.

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Customer Reviews:

SM025, 1/26/2012
By Greg (Howell, NJ)

I love this thing, the best ribs I have EVER eaten. The pulled pork is incredible, actually everything I've smoked has been great. Chuck roast, chicken ribs, brisket, pork shoulder and butt, all very good. Cookshack has a first quality, well made product that makes smoking easy for those of us too busy to tend a conventional smoker with no difference in the flavor of the meat. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends alike.
025, 5/20/2012
By Darren White (Fallbrook, California)

I must say this is one awesome oven. I've owned the typical brickman smoker and the Mecco charcoal smoker. Night and day difference it amazes me you put no water in it and moist juicy meat. Keep up your great smokers. I impressed
Smokette Elite is Perfect!, 6/10/2012
By Michael (Minden, Nevada)

I have ahd the elite for several years now and it is a great smoker. The workmanship is solid and it really turns out some great food. I'll be ordering the base for it to make it easier to work in and to keeo my dog from trying to raid the smoker. The staff is very friendly and helpful when I have called about several questions I had,
, 7/4/2012
By Don Marvin (Seattle, WA)

I discovered the SM025 while doing research online a couple years ago. It was more expensive than many of the other smokers, however the reviews were great and the construction appeared to be among the best. When it arrived, I wasn't disappointed. It's built to commercial standards and will obviously last for many years. The performance is outstanding. i've smoked pork butt, chicken, turkey, ribs, salmon, tuna, brisket, etc. I have never been disappointed with the results. If you can read, you can enjoy results that would please anyone; it's that simple. The Cookshack rubs are excellent as well and, when you order them in bulk as I do, the price is very competitive. I can't imagine that turning out competition-level meat, fish and poultry could be any easier.
Smoker, 8/28/2012
By Butch Gast (Littleton, Colorado)

After reading all of the reviews on Cookshack i had no doubt that SM025 would be a good unit. My concern was that i might of picked too small of a smoker, I was wrong. I am using my SM025 at least every other weekend and cooking 20 lbs of pork at a time to 25 lb turkeys. The on line information from other owners makes your smoking almost fool-proof. This is an excelent choice for any home and from the construction should last many yeaes.
Wonderful, 9/5/2012
By Leah (Tulsa, OK)

I had never owned a smoker before and we purchased a lake house and decided we would like to have one. I first tried chicken and bologna. Family raved so I got brave and did a brisket and it was even better. Then I did a pork roast, whole chickens and more bologna. All were wonderful. So easy to use. Just prepare it, put it in and forget it! I do wish there cookbook has more receipies but I guess I can just improvise. CookShack, - you have a wonderful product even if it is more expensive. It is probably the only one I will ever have to purchase!!!!! Well built! Thank you for being an \"American Company\" which has stayed here!!!! Oklahoma appreciates you!!!
Awsome, 11/19/2012
By dan (las cruces, nm)

I purchased a smokette elite just under 3 years ago. In short the smoker is fantastic. It keeps getting beter as you smoke more items. It is simple to use, and once you close the door you do nothing to you are ready to eat. The adiage you get what you pay for applies here. I will ever buy another brand of smoker and tell everyone to buy from cookshack.
Great little Smoker, 12/27/2012
By Flynn McCormick (Urbana, IL)

This was my first smoker with Cook shack. Now I am hooked this smoker is bullet proof. It works great will do a 20 Lbs Turkey, or 6 racks of Ribs or 4 Pork butts. Great smoke ring and flavor. Cheap to run per Hr cost. Thanks CookShack
Temp Probe Issues, 3/3/2013
By Scott (Plano, TX)

I've had this smoker smoker this July 2012. I had an issue when it first arrived. The thermostat sensor was bent during shipping because the contents inside the smoker had been thrown around during shipping. However, when I called Cookshack, they promptly shipped me a new sensor, which was really simple to swap out. They said it would probably be OK to just bend it back, but they wouldn't feel comfortable unless they shipped a new sensor. Great customer service. I've had a couple issues with the temperature probe in the time I've owned it. Initially, the probe temperature stopped displaying on the control unit. I noticed a crack in the shealthing of the probe wire. I emailed Cookshack, and they sent me a new probe. The probe temperature started displaying again. But now the temperature stopped displaying once again and the probe looks fine. After the first issue with the probe, I decided to get temperature probes from Thermoworks, which have worked flawlessly. I need to contact Cookshack again, thinking maybe there is some problem with the controller unit. That being said, the smoker has worked great. Everything I've smoked has come out juicy and perfect each time. I use it once a week most times. I never liked brisket in most of the BBQ joints down here in TX. But when I tried smoking brisket, it was awesome. So juicy and tender. To sum up, I love the smoker. I've had no problems with it other than the temperature probe issues. Everything I've smoked has turned out wonderfully. And I'm glad this is a American made product. But I rely on my Thermoworks meat probes now.
Awesome!, 5/15/2013
By Tom (Horsham, PA)

Whether you are a novice or an expert, the Cookshack SM025 will always deliver consistent mouth-watering flavorful food. While the SM025 is doing its job you can be off doing other things rather than feeding wood chips or monitoring it all day long. If there is such a thing as “feeling quality” this smoker would be it. I have had this smoker for over 5 years and it has never let me down. When you call Cookschack for cooking advice or questions you get a live, experienced representative from the company. They truly take care of their customers and take pride in their Made in the USA products. They do multiple how-to videos which is great because it always allows you to try something new. Price is directly rated to quality and craftsmanship….…..Cookshack manufacturers their smokers up to a high level of quality…..not down to a low price. It is a product you will get decades of satisfaction from. The most rewarding part of owning a Cookschack is the accolades you will receive from dinner guest when you serve them food produced from a Cookshack smoker…..but keep that a secret and make sure to tell your guest you toiled for hours to preparing their meal!
SM025 Controller, 7/4/2013
By Dan (Palmdale, CA)

I have used my SM025 less than 10 times and the controller has failed. The controller will not shut the heating element off at the set point. The heating element remains on and never shuts off. Although the food is great I would not recommend this unit to anyone the replacement controller cost me $ 225
Awesome smoker, 7/6/2013
By Andrew Rodney (Santa Fe, NM)

Had mine for two weeks and love it. Did a 16 hour full Packer brisket for 4th of July party, best brisket I've ever had (or made). Have done fish, chicken and ribs, all came out very well. Quality of the product is tops. So happy with this product.
"Set it and forget it" perfection!, 8/21/2013
By (, )

I'm a charcoal guy at heart and do a LOT of slow smoking on charcoal smokers, but the Smokette Elite SM025 has been a very welcomed addition to my cooking arsenal. In fact, combining the convenience factors of using this cooker with the high quality of the food you can crank out on this unit has made it my cooker of choice lately. It is tightly sealed, cool to the touch while cooking and incredibly heat efficient. Some of my \"I'll never use an electric smoker\" friends have honestly been telling me lately they're beginning to change their mind after seeing this thing in action. Great investment for someone looking to cooks some amazing BBQ without a lot of hassle.
Critters Beware!!, 2/28/2014
By Bill Dred (Ogdensburg, NY)

Bought a few smokers in the past and this is the best. I thought electric would give 0 flavor but using hunks of birch, pine or sumac give a TON of smoke. Possum, turtle, squirrels in fact everything is sticky, tender and fall - off - bone or the shell as the case is. Believe me, you have not lived until you taste birch smoked venison on this baby. Highly recommended!