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Best Texas BBQ

Frank Hulsey, CEO
Santa Barbara, CA
SM260 Owner for 3 years & SM050 Owner for over 20 years

I had a small residential Cookshack smoker for 20+ yrs and loved the ease of use and the results I got using it. The stainless steel is easy to clean. I also Iike being able to program several modes of cooking procedures and not having to constantly monitor it. We smoke brisket, baby back ribs, chicken, pork loins and turkey and I have a special rub I use after I rub chicken with avacado oil. I used to enter cookoff contests and then small catering jobs for friends but now cater for businesses of 300 people every 2 weeks. My favorite thing about the Cookshack SM260 is the ease of use, easy clean, and consistent results every time.


Scott Fraley
Olathe, KS
FEC100 Owner since Nov. 2016

In 2012, I competed in a BBQ competition in Leavenworth, KS. Our team spot was behind Calvin and Sonja Burchett from the Burnt at both Endz bbq team. They have an FEC100. He showed me his smoker and I just thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. At every subsequent contest where we’d see Calvin and Sonja, I’d always have him show me his smoker. I’d even bring my friends over to show them! The product that he could cook on his smoker was fantastic. And consistent!
We’ve been using the sauce and rubs that came with the smoker. We mix the rib rub and chicken rub and use that on pork and the flavor is great!
We do a large amount of brisket and pork butts for catering. We’ve done ribs a few times and they’ve turned out excellent. We will be cooking chicken for the first time tomorrow.
I can’t say I have a ‘favorite’ recipe. We have tried so many recipes over the years….from Myron Mixon to Emeril to mixing store bought stuff together. Early on we tried to make everything so sweet/candied. As our tastes continued to evolve over the years, we’ve gone more ‘back to the basics’ and use rubs/injections that enhance the flavor of the meat instead of masking the true flavor of it.
It’s been a very big transition going from WSMs to using a pellet smoker. For the first several cooks I found myself coming out and checking on the smoker to make sure everything was okay, just like I had to do with the WSMs. But there’s no need to do that with my FEC100! I start my cooks at night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, things are going perfectly. No more worries, no more sleepless nights! And the end product is always spot on.

The first smoker I received did not work properly. The temperature would fluctuate between 140 and 330 degrees even though it was set at 180 for smoking. I contacted Cookshack. They were very concerned with getting this issue fixed. They immediately sent new circuit boards, which I replaced, but that did not resolve the issue. They continued to work with me on trying other things to fix the problem. After a couple more cooks and no change, they shipped me a replacement smoker. And this smoker works perfectly. All companies should have the same level of customer service that Cookshack has. They stand behind their product and they definitely showed that to me. I am very happy to be part of the Cookshack family!

Chop's BBQ And Catering and Chop's Power Injector Systems

  • Smithville, MO
    FEC100 & FEC500

    Well I first bought an FEC-100 for competition cooking because I needed the spot on temperature control the FEC line has proven. The FEC-100 has won me lots of awards. I also own an FEC-500. We opened our restaurant in September of 2016 we were open for 12 days when the door latch failed on my home built smoker and caught our building on fire. It was almost a total loss. Stuart sent me an email and said come down and pick up one of our demo units and pay us back when you get back up and running. The FEC-500 is truly a work horse we use it every day.
    At the Chop's we use it to slow smoke everything over night and we use it to warm sides and such all day.
    Safety after our fire we needed peace of mind that we would not have that happen again. Also, it turns out great product everyday with ease.
    Easy to maintain, awesome safety features, and great food come from Cookshack smokers!

    Clayton Ranch Market

  • Brian Moore, Owner
    Clayton, NM

    We had a small Cookshack smoker, that we’ve played with for several years. When we decided to remodel our meat department, we were going to end up with an empty unused space … a perfect spot for a smoker. When we started looking at commercial smokers, we soon were convinced that a Cookshack pellet smoker was the best choice.
    We love the rib rub and the brisket seasoning. We have used the rib rub at home for several years.
    It’s so easy to use. Season the meat, fill the hopper, press the pre-set buttons and cook.
    Clayton Ranch Market is a family company, started by my Dad, on to me, my nephew (my sister’s son) Adam is now the rising star. We’re a conventional supermarket, but know we have to be great at perishables. We have a stellar reputation in our meat and produce departments, and are now focusing on what we can do to help customers with more fast and easy meal solutions … Cookshack is a great partner.
    It’s always easy to get someone on the phone to answer a question, provide direction or troubleshoot a problem. They have great products and great service … what more could we ask?