Winner's Circle

Get $10 credit on your Cookshack account!! Just share your win* from a barbecue competition with us.  

*To be eligible you must win a Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Place in the Top 10 Overall, or win 1st in an individual category.

Complete the information below and receive a $10.00 credit, just to show you how much we appreciate you!

Upload a photo of your win and we'll feature your team on our Winner's Circle page.

Submitting photos to Cookshack is your consent for Cookshack to use the photos for promotional purposes.

For more information, contact Christa at

Credits are not redeemable for cash. One credit per competition. Credits do not expire.

**NOTICE** If you submitted an online entry before 5/23/17 and have not received a credit for it, please either resubmit or email me the information on the contest to Thank you!!