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Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC120 Pellet Smoker Oven


Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC120 Fixed Shelf Pellet Smoker Oven


Product Details

If you are looking for a smoker that gives you the consistent, authentic smoke flavor you crave without all the hassle of a large wood burning pit, then the Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack FEC120 commercial pellet smoker oven is the one for you. It features an offset firebox and convection fan operation for even temperatures throughout the unit.
The FEC120 is the perfect choice for restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks, caterers and competition cooks. Like all of our Commercial Pellet Fired Smokers, the FEC120 is NSF Approved, USDA Approved, Warnock Hersey and ETL Listed in the USA and Canada as Commercial Cooking Equipment.


ConstructionDouble Walled Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
Insulation Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas™ Insulation
Dimensions 47.5"W (56.5"W with firebox door open) x 56.55"H x 32"D
Note:  for technical drawings and more detailed dimension download the PDF spec sheet
Cooking Capacity 150 lbs. pork butts, 120 lbs. brisket, 90 lbs. ribs, or 30 chickens per load
Cooking Area 1,955 square inches; 13.5 sq ft
Cooking Surface (5) 23" x 17" Nickel-Plated Steel Shelves, spaced 4.75" apart
Fuel Source 100% Wood, Food Grade Pellets
Pellet Heat
  • Pellet heat is controlled by a fully automatic wood pellet system.
  • With continuous use, the FEC120 produces about 8 oz. of ash per 40 lbs. of pellets used. The danger of fire from removing hot ash and embers is eliminated, unlike log burners that require removal of live coals.
  • Pellets are easily obtainable, inexpensive, and easy to store; available in a variety of flavors.
  • Pellets are 100% food grade wood; with no binders or additives. The pure wood smoke flavor cannot be beaten.
  • Unlike natural gas and propane, which are fossil fuels, pellets are a renewable resource. Fossil fuel prices are going out of sight; now is a good time to free yourself from depending on gas. Give yourself an 'Atta boy' for going green.
  • Pellets leave behind about 3% of ash — a fraction of the 30% ash produced by logs. No more hauling big buckets of hot ash and burning wood coals to the dumpster. In fact, you can empty ash with a saucepan rather than a trash can.
  • Pellets produce a clean burn for a better smoke flavor, and they are more likely to pass emission standards requirements.
  • Pellets produce low creosote buildup so that the smoker walls require less frequent cleaning.
  • Loading pellets into the FEC's hopper is easy — just pour them in right from the bag.
  • Storing clean plastic bags of pellets is far more desirable than a dirty woodpile on the premises!
  • We have had former stick burner customers report that their health inspectors told them that they had to spray their big woodpile to rid it of bugs, but they could not use the wood for smoking as it had been sprayed! No hassles like this with an FEC!


Fuel Usage 1 lb. of pellets per hour at 250°F For more information on fuel costs check out our blog post.
Temperature Settings 160°-400° F (temperature range will vary based on the load in the unit)
Hopper Capacity 35 lbs. of pellets
Controllers/Firepots Cookshack IQ5 electronic control system featuring USB data port, 3-stage cooking, 2-stage cooking, optional meat probe port and 8 programmable presets.

This unit has 1 firepot.
Electrical Requirements 7 amps @ 120 VAC; 36,000 BTU burner; electronically-controlled IQ5 thermostat; auto-start; draft fan; convection fan; 840 watts

Power cord approximate length 53" (may vary by +/- 6")

Certifications NSF and USDA Approved, and Warnock Hersey and ETL Listed Commercial Cooking Equipment (USA and Canada)
Standard Equipment 5 grills, side racks, drip pan, pre-installed casters, operator’s manual, cookbook, 40 lbs. pellets and Cookshack Spice Kit
Optional Equipment Smoker Cover, Meat Probe, Seafood Grills, Rib Racks, Stainless Steel Shelves and Flue Collector
Shipping Weight 515 lbs.

  • Pellets are a "green" renewable fuel source -- the FEC120 uses no gas! Fast start up, continuous even heat, and precise temperature control provides you consistently delicious barbecue. There is no gas flavor aftertaste to overcome.
  • Cookshack's proprietary IQ5 electronic time and temperature controller is easy to use and gives you consistent results with every load. 3-stage cycles of smoke, cook, and rest feature are standard on all commercial FEC models. When the smoke or cook cycle has finished, the controller drops automatically to the resting temperature of the product.
  • The FEC120's optional meat probe allows the user to specify a smoke or cook temperature. When the smoker reaches the desired temperature, the smoker automatically drops into a rest cycle.
  • Electronically-controlled temperature settings eliminate large heat fluctuations that dry and shrink meat. The Cookshack patented automatic wood pellet-fed system is operated by the IQ5 controller. The system knows when the smoker needs more fuel; you can go away and leave it to do its job without your attention.
  • Ventilation is required for the proper operation of Cookshack commercial smokers.  When planning your flue consider these factors:
    • It must draw air naturally throughout the flue,
    • Clean the flue every six months,
    • One-inch clearance from combustible materials,
    • The flue should not have more than two ninety-degree elbows in it and be longer than thirty feet.

For detailed information read our blog post or contact Cookshack Technical Support.

  • Adequate makeup air is required for safe operation. It is the responsibility of the smoker owner to maintain essential combustion air at all times during operation of the unit.
  • Easy, flip-of-the switch starting brings the FEC rapidly up to smoking temperature. Burners stay on when doors are opened; heat recovery occurs in as little as 10 minutes. While our competitor’s smokers take up to an hour to bring the temperature back up when the doors are opened. This affects the quality of the meat and lengthens the cooking cycle.
  • Consistent flavor results! With the FEC's precisely regulated patented wood delivery system there is no chance of the smoker operator having the incorrect amount of wood changing the flavor of the meat.
  • Because the FEC120 is 100% wood burning, for both its heat source and flavor source, results are consistent. In gas units or stick burners, the wood logs get smaller as they burn, and as new product is added into the smoker, wood must be added as well. Since product is cooking while new wood is added, the flavor is affected.
  • Racks are removable and can be power washed for quick clean up. The shelves are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • No professional set up required — just roll it in place and get started!
  • The FEC120's rugged stainless steel interior and exterior is a stronger, higher grade of steel than the black carbon steel used in many other brands of smokers.
  • This tough smoker is built on a steel perimeter which will not warp or bend, even if the smoker is moved by a fork lift. This is one sturdy piece of equipment! Some other brands make a cheaper smoker, but no one makes a stronger one.
  • We use 850°F Spin-Glas™  insulation, for superior heat retention and fuel savings, between the double layers of the FEC120's body. Your energy costs stay down because the smoker is not constantly re-heating due to heat loss. The smoker is dependable in all climate conditions.
  • All seams are sealed so that no moisture can leak into the insulation — no fire danger (Unlike some other brands, we do not use mineral wool insulation because it deteriorates over time and it can absorb moisture if seams are merely riveted and not sealed. Grease-soaked insulation can be a fire hazard.)

Ordering is through a secure server. Cookshack's Limited Warranty is as follows: 90 days from date of purchase, parts and labor; 2 years from date of purchase, parts only. Replacement parts are warranted one year from date of purchase.

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Customer Reviews:

FEC 120, 11/16/2011
By Jack Thomas (Sycamore, IL)

I could not be happier with performance of this unit. I have done nearly 2 dozen cooks of butts, brisket, turkey, chicken and ribs. Turns out great bark on the butts and briskets along with a beautiful smoke ring.
FEC 120, 11/2/2012
By Mark Muhlenkort (Chaska, MN)

I'm very pleased with my FEC 120. I have a little problem initially (affected by the cold outside temp) with the panel buttons not working, but customer care/technical support got me on the right track and I was up and going. I filled it with about 100 lbs of pork shoulder and was surprised that it smoked/cooked faster than I have anticipated which was a nice surprise. As I tell my friends, I'm so impressed with it that -- I want another one!!!
Love this smoker, 7/18/2013
By Angie Kirby (Charleston, SC)

Love this smoker. Smokes great, bark is beautiful and flavor is awesome. It is so easy to use and built to last quality. Very well insulated and really like the ease of the controls. Cookshack Pellet smoker is the only way to go!
Wanna win???, 12/9/2013
By Frank Boland (Fairfax, VA)

If you cannot turn out Award Winning BBQ with this unit, just hang up your apron. It does everything but brine and rub the meat for you! I am a classically trained French Chef, which means I knew ZERO about BBQ. My Uncle Kip won the Kansas Grand Championship with a Cookshack and turned me on to this company. I did a little reading on BBQ, did A LOT of experimenting with this unit, and couldn't be happier with the final product. Between the ability to control the temp for long hours of low and slow cooking, and the convection effect, this machine is amazingly easy and efficient!
Amazing smoker but needs a fix, 5/20/2014
By Kevin (San Francisco, California)

Been cooking on my FEC for half year now and it's a really great unit. It surely beats the brick stick burner I built years ago. I'm thinking about a second unit now that our catering business is really taking off. Just waiting for Cookshack to fix the problem with probe mode soon. I really need to use it!
Workhorse, 9/25/2014
By Big Guy Barbecue (Billings, Montana)

I can't say enough about this machine. I own a Barbecue trailer in Billings Mt and sell 300 racks of ribs and 400 pounds of pulled pork a week, this machine cooks all of it my only regret is not going with a larger cooker, Many thanks to the folks in Ponca City.
FEC 120, 12/22/2014
By Dave Manganello (Nashua, New Hampshire)

We have twin FEC 120's at our little BBQ Joint up here in New Hampshire. One is our Restaurant workhorse doing all the heavy lifting for all of our meats and smoked sides, the other backs up its twin and doubles as or road machine for catering and competition smoking. SUPER happy with the consistent results these babies turn out...both in the shop and out. We are able to do the exact cycles for catering and competition as we do in the store. The 120 did not get a full five stars due to our wish that they were a foot higher off the ground as to make access and clean out more ergonomically pleasing to my poor back. There have been some maintenance issues in the two plus years we've had them but always were they solved by Bill or Tony in Tech Support with speed and efficiency. Would HIGHLY recommend to any restaurant owner, catering outfit or competition cook... You'll get to sleep at night (literally) knowing that the next days sales will turn out as expected... Cookshack has NEVER failed to deliver...
FEC 120, 1/29/2015
By Michael (Newbury Park, CA)

Great overall design, cooks fast with amazing results. Love the offset fire chamber and convection fan through the false walls. Have used it for over a year now. I don't use very full loads, it would be nice to have options on the panel for that.
FEC 120, 7/22/2015
By Jimmy Fixari (Henderson, CO)

This is a great unit and we're very pleased with the performance and ease of use. We got off to a rocky start as we had issues with the controller board but the customer service team is top notch and worked with us to get new board and got it up and running in no time. Our Brisket and Pork came out great but we pulled them off about an hour earlier than the program cook time called for as they were cooked to the internal temperature we were looking for. It might have something to do with elevation as we're at 5023 ft.
Pit Master, 11/2/2015
By Ashley Sheppard (Carthage, NC)

We have ben very pleased with all of our cookshack cookers. The fec 120 is no exceptiobn. We see excellent consistency and ease of operation. Any issues are easily identified and fixed with the help of a geat tech assistance team!
Simply awesome!!!, 12/14/2015
By Gary Saner (San Diego, California)

Works as advertised! I could not be more pleased. In the relatively short time I have had this unit, I have smoked a whole turkey and turkey breast, ribs, jalepeno poppers, bacon wrapped scallops, chicken thighs, a ham and a couple of ribeye steaks! All have been cooked to perfection. Nice smoke flavor and clean-up compared to my stick burner is a non-event! Did I mention ... I couldn't be happier? :) Great product, CS!