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AmeriQue Model SM066 Electric Smoker


AmeriQue Model SM066 Electric Smoker Oven


Product Details

Be surprised by the results your smoker when you use the Cookshack AmeriQue SM066! The stainless steel unit makes championship barbecue the easy no fuss way! Featuring digital technology, the AmeriQue allows you to smoke your meat at a temperature and time that you set, and when the cycle finishes it automatically goes into its hold cycle. One of its most popular features is its meat probe, which allows you to set the desired internal meat temperature. When the meat reaches that temperature, the smoker automatically goes into its hold cycle.

ConstructionDouble Walled Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
Insulation Double Walled Construction surrounding 850°F Spin-Glas Insulation - it keeps the smoker cool to the touch.

20.5"W x 18"D x 40.25"H (including casters and controller)

Controller is 5.25"H

Casters are 3.5"H

Cooking Capacity 50 lbs. total capacity
Cooking Area Qty 4 - 14" x 18" (35.5 x 42.72 cm) Nickel Plated Grills; 1,008 square inches.  
Cooking Surface
Fuel Source Electricity
Pellet Heat
Fuel Usage 1-2 oz. of wood for every 60 lbs. of product
Temperature Settings 140°-300° F
Hopper Capacity
Controllers/Firepots Digital Controller with Meat Probe; cook to an internal temperature with the probe or set the oven temperature without the probe.
Electrical Requirements 7 amps, 120v Single Phase, 1000w heating element

Power cord approximate length 63" (may vary by +/- 6")

Certifications Proudly Made in the USA!
Standard Equipment Your AmeriQue will arrive with everything you need to start smoking immediately. Included is a  meat probe for accurate internal temperature,  4 grills, 2-position side racks, 5 lbs. hickory wood will last for many loads, stainless steel wood box, Casters for ease of movement, stainless steel drip pan for easy clean up, "'Smoking at Home" cookbook with tried and true recipes, & Operator's manual to get you up to speed fast.
Optional Equipment Optional accessories include a Cold Smoke Baffle, Cover, Jerky Rods, Flavor Infusion Resevoir, Seafood Grills, and RibRacks. You may find yourself smoking fish, cheese, nuts, vegetables, and other items you have not even thought of yet!
Shipping Weight 175 lbs.

Ordering is through a secure server. Cookshack's Limited Warranty is as follows: 90 days from date of purchase, parts and labor; 2 years from date of purchase, parts only.  Replacement parts are warranted one year from date of purchase.

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Customer Reviews:

Excellent Results!, 1/19/2012
By John (Westport, CT)

I have owned the Amerique for about 5 years and it has served our family well. The results are consistent and excellent. We have cooked for large parties filling the unit to the brim and the results have also been excellent. A while back, we had need for some customer service and the people at Cookshack were entirely helpful. The Amerique is a great way to go if you want terrific BBQ, a useful low heat oven without smoking and predictable results.
AmeriQue after a year and a half, 9/4/2012
By Robert (Johns Creek, GA)

I purchased the Amerique a year and a half ago. We like to entertain and last weekend was the real test. I cooked 2 chickens, 6 racks of back ribs, and a 14lb brisket in one session. I set the temperature at 225˚ and the timer for 6.5 hours and put 2 chunks of hickory in as well as all the meats. After 2 hours I removed the chicken that was perfectly cooked with good skin color. I added one more chunk of hickory as the original wood was gone and the other meats looked like they could use more color and smoke. After another 2 hours (4 hours total) I removed the Cookshack rib rack with 6 racks of picture perfect dry rubbed back ribs. Then after another 2.5 hours the brisket was done and I let the smoker hold that until I served everything a couple of hours later as I had kept the chicken and ribs in the oven at 140˚. Next time I think I will put the other meats back into the smoker as it seems to keep the meats more moist than an oven. Our guests raved everything they ate and how juicy, tender, and delicious it all was. Cleanup was a cinch, just took the grills and the racks and ran them through the dish washer, removed the foil at the bottom and over the wood box, wiped down the bottom, dumped and cleaned the drip pan and I am ready for the next time. This a truly awesome unit that lets me turn out professional quality smoked meats, thanks Cookshack, and did I say this is American made!
Great Smoker!, 11/19/2012
By Kern (Enumclaw, WA)

I got my Amerique a year ago and have used it more than a dozen times. It is an outstanding piece of equipment and its relatively high price is supported by the quality of its construction. I've done chickens, turkey, salmon, pork ribs and jerky in it with great results especially on the meats that cook at 225F and above. At lower temperatures it is like taking a shotgun to a fly swatting party. Here's the problem: To create smoke the burner must be on. But, the burner generates so much heat that the well insulated smoker burner in not on much at lower temperature settings - even when the outside temperature is 40F. Thus, not a lot of smoke is created at salmon smoking temperatures of 150F or so. I've tried Cookshack's cold smoking baffle and this helps somewhat as do smaller chips. But, I've also had \"flashovers\" where the chips catch fire after being on 15 minutes - five minutes less than Cookshacks maximum recommendation for the cold baffle. So, rather than getting rid of my Big Chief I now smoke salmon in this for about three hours and finish it in the Amerique. All this could be easily solved electronically. Doing so would make this a true 5 star unit.
Does what is says, 12/16/2012
By Timc (Strongsville, oh)

This does just what it said it would haven't used the oven in the house since this purchase .
Best Bang For The Buck, 6/3/2013
By Arnie (West Liberty, IA)

I have owned my AmeriQue for roughly three and a half years and I am beginning to out grow it. Lately I am constantly overloading it (my circle of friends keeps growing) and it just keeps on putting out great Que. I bought my AmeriQue late in 2009 because I was outgrowing my six year old Smokette. I reluctantly sold my Smokette, stand, and cover a year later for what I paid for them in 2004, and I have borrowed it back several times lately. I believe that speaks loudly for the quality Cookshack puts into their American made smokers. The ability of the AmeriQue to cook by time or temperature can make any rookie smoke like a pro. I have yet to have anything not turn out great even if I totally ignore the smoker. I don’t tell anyone how easy it is to use anymore because people tend to think I’m making it up so I don’t have to give away any of my “secrets”. This thing is the closest thing to set it and forget it as they come. The only way Cookshack can improve on the AmeriQue is to make a smoker that will load and unload it’s self. Not only is the AmeriQue great for Briskets, Butts, Ribs, Etc. I have cold smoked cheese and butter using the cold smoke baffle or by adding an A-Maze-N-Smoker to it. Great results every time Some may say Cookshack’s smokers are too pricey. I say if I had bought a Cookshack in the 90s when I started smoking I’d be money ahead. The only problems I’ve ever had with either one of my Cookshack smokers have been self induced. A quick call to customer support, which is answered by an honest to God real live person who speaks English, quickly and courteously pinpoints the problem and gets me back up and running. I am usually embarrassed by what I did wrong even though Cookshack assures me “is OK. It’s been done before.”
Amerique SM066, 7/24/2013
By Tony (Seguin, Texas)

Just purchased an Amerique and grilled my first brisket this last weekend. It turned out great. I purchased the smoker largely based upon the consistent good reviews I had read, plus a friend in another town has owned one. He's been thrilled with his. Having said that, there are a few things that I think Cookshack could improve upon. These suggestions are based upon my first impressions when putting the smoker together. First, the casters are too small. They hung up on every joint in my patio and driveway when rolling the smoker across it. I replaced the casters with larger 3\" casters and that was a big improvement. Plus, they look more appropriate on the industrial looking box. I had to search hard for some with a 5/16\" diameter stem, because most 2\" casters, even those at Home Depot and Lowes are 3/8\" in diameter. Looks like they went cheap on this item. When rolling the smoker across my driveway, the drip pan fell out. It made a cheap tinny sound instead of a clanky sound as it bounced on the concrete. Again, not a good first impression. It's no big deal, it's a drip pan, after all. Still I replaced it with a heavier gage one at Acemart for 6 bucks. Though this is an $1800 smoker, seems like they went cheap here too. When I started seasoning the smoker it dripped my GFCI circuits five times...on two different circuits. It finally settled down and seems to be working fine now. Another item I noticed was the tack welds on the wood box. They were discolored. Not that it matters, because the box is going to get discolored anyway. Still, that seems to be an American thing. If the box had been made in Korea, I think the box welds would had looked better when new. The Amerique received consistently good reviews with regard to reliability. In the end, that is what I hope I paid for.
Love IT!!, 10/7/2013
By Bill (Grove City, PA)

Recieved my SM066 last week and I love it! Easy to use, well built, MADE IN THE USA!! It could use bigger casters but other then that no complaints. Looked at many different brands but Cookshack was the right choice for me.
Consistent excellence, 12/21/2013
By Bone Doctors' BBQ (Greenville, NC)

This is the most user friendly smoker I have owned. The racks are large enough to hold whole briskets, several Boston butts and whole racks of ribs. With a probe in place, I can reliably smoke brisket or Boston butts overnight without a worry. My smoker is on a covered porch outside, and can produce consistent results and cook times throughout the year. I would recommend a cover. It is a little aggravating to wipe out the bottom of the unit under the heating element, but, that is a minor concern.
Restaurant Quality Foods, 9/5/2014
By Steve (Orlando, Florida)

I spent quite a bit of time researching smokers before making a purchase. I had a traditional tank type smoker with a firebox and had excellent results. Problem was I used it twice a year. There was sooo much time involved with babysitting the firebox and temps. I wanted to move to electric for ease of use and consistencey. The SM066 was the only option for me since I wanted the size it offered. The other key factor on the SM066 is the aut hold and the probe. There simply isn't a better way to go. Load it with your meats and \"set it and forget it\". I'll throw a brisket in there in the AM and go off boating all day and come home to brisket that's better than you'd get in a restaurant. If I run late and the meat is done it drops to the hold temperature so there's no overcooking. My wife had an issue with the price but after 2 months of being able to have barbeque 2 times a week with no real effort she agreed it's worth the investment. You won't find a better built comperable unit anywhere. We've had ours over a year now and we use it 2 times per week still. Just be warned you will have all kinds of family and friends wanting to come over on the weekend for dinner!!
, 9/5/2014
By Ed (Benton,, Ar)

Have had this smoker for about 4 yrs. It does a great job. Only complaint I would have is that the face on the diigital display looks like it has a protective plastic film over it but not able to find one and it is wrinkling a little. Best smoker on the market in my opinion.
THE BEST, 9/5/2014

If you are a beginning bbq cook this unit will make you cook like a chef. If you are a chef, all of your recipes can be perfected with this unit. The Amerique is big, powerful and easy to use. Precise temp and time controls allow you to produce amazing BBQ. The design of this smoker is such that it keeps foods very moist. A small amount of wood for smoke produces a lot of flavor. If you have to open it during cooking, it has a powerful heating unit and the temp recovers very quickly. It is very well made, looks like it is made almost completely by hand, and will last for a long time. The big size lets you cook for 4 or 40 people with ease. Results are very consistant and reliable. If you haven't got an Amerique yet, why wait, go for it!!!
, 9/5/2014
By Ken (Keller, TX)

I bought one of the first AmeriQue 66's you made. It is a good smoker, but is very slow to come up to temp. Two or 3 years ago I replaced the electronic panel (after a partial failure) and a new 1500 wat heating element. It is still slow to heat and will not come to temp with more than 30 lbs of meat. Other than a couple other minor complaints, I would buy it again.
2 years and going strong, 9/5/2014
By Dave (Sierra Vista, AZ)

When convenience (electric) became more important than tradition (offset wood burner) I started searching the net and joining forums, reading and asking a lot of questions. I settled on the Amerique April 2012 and have never regretted my decision. The offset was retired the day the Amerique arrived. No regrets. Consistently great results and digital accuracy. Worth every penny. I do think Cookshack should beef up the wheels to something larger to handle uneven surfaces better, but they are solid. American made is a real plus these days. I have not experienced any problems with the smoker, not one. A well built unit that should last many, many years. Thanks Cookshack. Well done!
Great But......, 9/7/2014
By Tom (Prescott, AZ)

I like my earlier model Amerique but the digital display has quit working twice! First time Cookshackreplaced it free but now I don't even see my model's controller in the spare parts list.
Cookshack AmeriQue Model 066, 9/9/2014
By Dennis (Whitign, Indiana)

I have owned my AmeriQue model 66 smoker for about one and a half years now and smoked the following more the once: beef brisket, beef back ribs, baby back ribs, country ribs, pork butt, hams (I would never cook another have in the oven again after I smoked a ham, WHAT A TASTE! ) ,poke chops, chicken, whole turkey, turkey & goose breasts, salmon, trout, mac and cheese, jalapeno peppers & cheese. Everything comes out great the results are consistent every time. I have cooked for 45 -50 people on this smoker and every body reaves about the good smoke taste. I use the smoke baffle on the salmon and cheese and it came out great. We would take the Salmon to the Port on Indiana where my son has his boat and all the boaters would enjoy the smoked Salmon among other foods we smoked. This is the best smoker I have ever had and I have had many. Don't forget use the Cookshack rubs to spice things up. Get one, use it and you will be amazed.
Championship Results, 9/11/2014
By Royce (Ponca City, OK)

I am a Master Certified Barbeque Judge that also enjoys cooking. I do my smoking on an AmeriQue and consistently produce championship competition results. This smoker is easy to use and produces outstanding results through time and temperature controls or internal temperature probe settings. It burns fuel cleanly and efficiently. It can handle a variety of meats at the same time. You can produce enough product at a time to feed a medium size party. Cleanup is easy. The casters are small and are a detractor, but I move mine around easily on a yard cart. so I don't downgrade my star rating..
Our catering company loves it!, 9/18/2014
By The Midnight Kitchen (Freeland, WA)

We run a catering company on Whidbey Island in Washington state and have been using the cook shack smoker for over 4 years now. It has been very easy to use, and trouble free. We've done everything from smoked ribs to smoked tomato vinaigrette and have loved the results. We would highly recommend these smokers to anyone. Visit us at
Great smoker, 1/31/2016
By Terry C. (Newkirk, Oklahoma)

I use our SMO66 smoker every other day to cook pulled pork and whole chicken for our restaurant, I get great results every time. the probe and timer helps to keep my results the same time after time. I would recommend this smoker for home or small restaurant. Thanks Cookshack for a great product!
Outstanding!, 5/25/2016
By Doug (Clarkdale, Arizona)

I bought my Amerique in September of 2009 and never looked back! Figured it was time to provide a review. I've done ribs, chicken, ham, brisket, pork butt, and salmon. While its true I've perfected some my recipes over time, the Amerique always performed without flaw. The product description provided by Cookshack is not an exaggeration. Thiis smoker will give you consistently superb results providing you're capable of following some basic starting suggestions. I also have a ceramic grill and a sear grill for grilling and searing. For longer slower cooks like brisket, ribs and pork butt the Amerique cannot be surpassed! With 40 years of grilling and smoking meat and fish experience, I would not only highly recommend the Amerique, but if something happened to mine I'd buy another without hesitation! The results are just that good folks, plain and simple.
Inaccurate temp probes, 9/25/2016
By John (Leesburg, IN)

Purchsed Cookshack AmeriQue Electric BBQ Smoker - SM066 in august 2016.Unit is well constructed and on rollers: however I have found the internal cookshack temp probe to read about 15-20 degrees F too high---it will read 225 degrees F when actual calibrated temp on a ThermaQ probe located within an inch of the cookshack probe reads 205-210. I dont expect perfect accuracy BUT 15-20 degrees is too inaccurate for a $ 2000 smoker. BTW I tested the cookshack probe by submersing the end into boiling water and it read 230 degrees F when the ThermaQ read 211.9 . In addition I tested the smoker empty and placed 2 ThermaQ probes--an ambient air oven probe and an internal meat probe next to the cookshack probe and the cookshack read 15-2- degrees too high . I called cookshack and Bill kindly and promptly sent a replacement probe and it was easily installed BUT it also read about 15 degrees too high. Now I just use my reference thermometers and disregard the cookshack temp probe.I wish I could have relied on the cookshack temp probe . An easy solution for cookshack would have been to incorporate a trim pot on their temp display to allow for calibration of widely inaccurate recordings. For refernece the serial # of the SM066 is 5974 and date of manufacture is 6/10/2016
Great, 12/4/2016
By Chris (Tulsa, OK)

I have a stick burner at home and use this smoker at the lake. I have to say that this thing blows my offset away. I can set up my Cookshack in the morning and spend all day on the lake. We come home to perfect BBQ every time. Ribs, shoulder, chicken, brisket. Doesn't matter. If you do it right this thing will deliver great results. I was hesitant at first to buy one but I am now buying a second one for my house. It's that much better. The timer and meat probe keep you from having to babysit your smoker all day. That is fine when your home watching football all day but going out for the day and coming home to perfect BBQ isn't all bad either. You won't regret your purchase. It's fun to cook on and keeps the guess work out of getting your temps right.
I just love it, 8/28/2017
By Mikael (Miami / Stockholm Sweden, FLORIDA)

About a year ago I called Cookshack and asked them if they could make me a Amerique smoker for 220 volt. I wanted it shipped to my other home in Sweden. Sweden is super underdeveloped when it comes to smokers. Cookshack did it for me and I got it shipped. After about a year of using it. I continue to love everything about it. The smoker continues to deliver even results every time. Its just so much better than anything I have used in the past. I think Im going to order one more unit for my Miami home. I can't recommend it enough. The main reason for me choosing this model is the electronics. Super easy to use and it has the hold temperature which is an amazing feature. You should put this electronics as an option for all your residential units. I love it and thank you Cookshack for making me a 220v version.