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Pepper Smoked Bluefish


10 fillets bluefish (or mackerel)
Kosher salt
3/4 c. molasses
1 c. water
3 to 4 Tablespoons pickling spice
 Coarse ground pepper, to taste
3 to 4 bottles or cans of beer
3 Tablespoons dried tarragon


Scale and fillet the fish. Place fillets in a large glass bowl and cover thoroughly with kosher salt.
Mix molasses with water. Add slowly to bowl. Fill rest of bowl with water to just cover the fillets. Sprinkle pickling spice over the fillets. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
Next day, drain fillets and rinse under cold running water. Pat dry with towels. Press a light coating of coarse ground pepper over the surface of fillets.
Smoke-cook fillets 3 - 4 hours at 200°F. (You may place the beer and dried tarragon in pan on the bottom shelf of the smoker to add humidity and flavor.)

Recommended wood: Apple or Oak
Yield: 10 servings