Our Products

For more than 50 years we have watched as popularity in barbecue, smoked food and grilling grow. Through that time, we have learned what is important in a smoker or grill and we have designed and redesigned our units to fit your needs.

1. Durability: 100% stainless steel construction does not rust or wear out

2. Consistency: Set-It-and-Forget-It technology with digital controls and optional meat probe allows everyone be a Pitmaster with the same results, every time

3. Minimize Heat Fluctuations: Freezing weather can’t stop you. Double walled construction with insulation and sealed doors means heat stays inside no matter what temperature you’re cooking at

4. Versatility: 100-400°F temperature ranges, removable shelves, and optional accessories means ultimate versatility. Cold smoke, make jerky, cook ribs, sear steak, make pepper poppers and smoke your favorite large cuts

5. Easy Transportation: All units come standard with casters

6. Warranty and Tech Support- 90-day free parts and labor, 2 year limited warranty and in-house customer service and tech support

7. Safety: Less worry of fire because pellet and electric units rarely have flare ups and creates less hot fly ash. Insulation prevents hot-to-the-touch outside walls so children and pets are safe

8. Capacity: Max capacities range from 20-750 lbs

9. Easy to use, assemble and clean: Plug it in, set it and forget it. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes. Cleanup is a breeze with our drip pan and foil lining instructions for the inside of the unit

10. Inexpensive Fuel Source: Including electricity and wood or pellets, it costs as low as $1 for a 12-hour cycle at average temperature settings