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Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Grill


Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Pellet Grill PG500 (Patent # 7900553) 


Product Details

Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack's 100% wood burning, pellet fired grill and smoker in one. 4-Zone cooking for direct, indirect, cold-smoking, or warming/holding. You will see the fire!

Construction100% Stainless Steel, featuring a riveted assembly on the body.  The direct zone features stainless steel grates for durability!
Insulation Non-insulated
Dimensions 56"W x 54"H x 25"D (with doors open 41.5" D)

19" x 13" x 4" Warming Drawer

Cooking Capacity You can cook a full turkey or meal for a whole family!
Cooking Area 784 square inches: 10" x 18" direct cooking; 18"x18" indirect; 10"x28" top rack; warming drawer 19" x 13" x 4"
Cooking Surface Direct:  3/8 304T Stainless Steel rod grate; Indirect:  Nickel Plated Grills
Fuel Source 100% Food Grade Wood Pellets
Pellet Heat Pellets are easily obtainable throughout the US.  Cookshack supplies only 100% wood, food grade barbecue pellets specifically produced for use with food.  Cookshack barbecue pellets are made from hardwoods that contain fewer resins and are produced in a controlled process to ensure a food grade product.  Barbecue pellets are made by pulverizing hardwood sawdust and extruding to a uniform density through a rotating die under enormous heat and pressure.  Naturally occurring lignin in the wood binds the pellets into their shape. 
Fuel Usage 1.2 lbs to 2 lbs pellets per hour at 400° F
Temperature Settings 600° F maximum
Hopper Capacity 22 lbs.
Controllers/Firepots Electronically controlled temperatures eliminates large heat fluctuations that dry and shrink meat.  Fully automated controller.
Electrical Requirements 5 amps @ 120 VAC; 36,000 BTU burner; electronically controlled thermostat; auto-start; draft fan

Power cord approximate length 56" (may vary by +/- 6")

Certifications Forbes Magazine review of the PG1000 and PG500
Standard Equipment Warming Drawer, Side Shelf, Operator's Manual, Casters, 40 lbs. Hickory Pellets, Pellet Drop, Meat Probe Slide Opening, Utensil Holder
Optional Equipment Front Accessory Shelf, Rib Rack and Seafood Grill
Shipping Weight 330 lbs.

The only pellet grill on the market that uses charbroiler technology, allowing you to get the same great flavor as the high-end commercial grade charbroilers.  If you can't see the fire, you're just cooking in an oven.  This pellet grill is stainless steel with front opening doors and has an easy to use front-access ash drawer which makes ash removal simple.  Leaves behind about 3% ash.  Proudly made in the USA!

Ordering is through a secure server. Cookshack's Limited Warranty is as follows: 90 days from date of purchase, parts and labor; 2 years from date of purchase, parts only.  Replacement parts are warranted one year from date of purchase.

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Customer Reviews:

Enjoying my PG500, 5/15/2013
By Simon (Olalla, WA)

I got a PG500 several months ago. It came very well packaged, however I was surprised when the FedEx delivery guy showed up at 8:30 in the dark with a semi-truck and not something more suitable for the location. So far the cooking experiance haves been great, I use it several times a week. I use the grill for burgers and steak and I have used the other zones for pork butts and ribs. The wife is learning how to use the correct zones. I have not used the cold smoke/warming drawer yet. I wish there was a rack avalable for that space. I have no problems starting or controlling the temperasture, but I wish it were a little easier to change the HTT and the LTT, not that its difficult, I just have big fingers and wish there was a bit more of a positive feel to the button. I have the optional front shelf that is handy, but think a shelf between the legs would be good for storing racks and other accessories that are tollerant of heat and weather. I wish the power cord was detachable and there was a power strip on the back to plug in accesories. A top self with an air gap would be nice for warming plates without them getting too hot. Overall the cooking experiance has been a 5-Star, but there could be a few refinements that make it a 5-Star all around.
Easy to Use!, 8/26/2013
By Steve B (Ponca City, OK)

This is a great grill and smoker in one. Easy to control the temperatures and the steaks, ribs and chicken turned out great!
Great Grill and smoker, 1/25/2014
By rick k (snellville, georgia)

purchased over the holidays after a good bit of research into pellet smokers that could grill too. when i ordered i has high expectations. the pg500 met those expectations. it grills better than any LP grill i have ever owned - the ability to sear is great. first meal i cooked was a 13-lb turkey and it was perfect. have smoked turkey and ribs so far and it was flawless. i have grilled shrimp, porks chops, steak, and salmon ad the grill is spectacular with pretty even heat in the direct heat area. i live in atlanta, and have used the grill when the ambient temperature is in the mid 20s - not insulation and no reached and maintained temperature perfectly. I am very impressed with the PG500. it is a pellet smoker that really does grill well (albeit small direct grilling area).. After researching the competition, i thought this woiuld be best for smoking and grilling. it has delivered on that potential. I highly recommend this product. Karen has been a pleasure to work with - she will treat you well and make sure your grill is right. Delivery is drop ship - it was palletized and secured. The driver wheeled it to the location i selected. I am hard to impress...this grill is fantastic. everything they advertise is true - a fantastic grill and smoker. if you can live with the small grilling area, you will be very impressed with the quality and performance of the PG500. Last word - not a negative remark, just FYI. It uses wood pellets - and generates a lot of smoke. you will need to plan for its location - not near a door or window. You will love the PG500!!!!
PG 500, 9/5/2014
By Frank Kennedy (Owasso, Oklahoma)

I have owned the PG 500 for over two years now. I use it at least twice a week either grilling or smoking. Next to my Harley-Davidson it is my favorite toy and hobby. Very easy to use and maintain. My family, friends and neighbors think I'm a some super star cookoff champion, but most of the credit for the wonderful things that I cook is the PG 500!
Awesome Grill, 9/5/2014
By Peter (Ponca City, Oklahoma)

I've had my PG500 for several years now. I can say that it produces the most consistent and tasty barbecue. I have succulent steaks with amazing smokey flavor and I have even roasted turkeys in the PG500 because it can get up to those high oven temps! Not to mention I've had the best smoked prime rib from my pellet grill. The pellets are widely available and the best deals are straight from Cookshack. I've also found amazing and affordable pellet flavors at Cabela's.
Love my PG500, 6/30/2015
By Don T (Tulsa, OK)

I love my PG500. The feature I love the most is being able to crank up the High High Temperature (HHT) and flame grilling with the various pellets. I hear \"This is the best...\" for everything I cook on the PG500 ranging from hot dogs to steaks and brisket. Then when I want to slow cook I turn down the HHT, put the brisket or what ever on the indirect side and pretty much forget about it for several hours at a time. I absolutely love cooking with my PG500!
Pg500, 1/20/2016
By Bill Stuever (Ponca city, Ok)

I bought a pg500 as a Christmas gift to myself. To date, I have burnt 10 sacks of pellets and am very impressed. I bought the cooker for chicken and ribs competition. Found out real quick that it will cook anything perfect. No regrets.
Great Unit, 4/3/2017
By Brian Moore (Clayton, New Mexico)

I have a Weber gas grill, an Egg and a commercial smoker. This unit blew me away with it's ability to control time and temp, amount of smoke ... and the way it looks. Great Job!
Simply the best, 9/6/2017
By Warren (Friendswood, Texas)

I have had the PG500 for 2-1/2 years and use it all the time. It is hands down the best investment I have ever made. I like it so much, I even bought one for a life long friend. (Yes, she loves it, too). We have cooked all kinds of things: cold smoked salmon and cheese at a steady 65 degrees as measured in the warming drawer. Cooked steaks at 600 degrees (actually it is over 900 on the direct side). The best steaks are cooked when it is set at 350 and the steaks are on the direct heat side (actually around 500 degrees) and then finish them on the indirect side (350 degrees) in the \"oven\" like the best steakhouses do. I have done pizzas, bread, cookies, and even beef Wellington. A few weeks ago we did two Paellas that turned out absolutely fantastic. Can't tell you many pork butts I have cooked or ribs, pork loins, briskets, chickens, dove breasts, and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. We have even grilled untold dozens oysters. In my opinion, this pellet grill is by far the most flexible, built to last grill on the market. Zero complaints. And if you ever need help, call Bill in customer Service.