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Chucks' Smokehouse Smoked Goat


1 - 40# goat, dressed
Cookshack Brisket Rub
Cookshack Spicy Chicken Rub


Rub goat with mixture of 8 oz. Cookshack Brisket Rub and 8 oz. Cookshack Spicy Chicken Rub. Lay flat in upper part of smoker. Load wood box with blend of hickory, mesquite, and cherry woods. Use a Cookshack Flavor Infusion Reservoir to raise oven humidity during the first two hours of smoke-cooking.
Smoke-cook at 185°F for 8 hours, hold for 2 hours at 150°F.
Slice larger pieces after de-boning, chop remaining pieces and mix with Cookshack Spicy Barbecue Sauce. For best results refrigerate meat and sauce mixture overnight before serving.
Recommended wood: Hickory