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Charbroiler Model CB036


Charbroiler Model CB036 (Patent # 7900553)


Product Details

100% wood pellet fired Charbroiler. Cookshack's line of pellet fired Charbroilers adds smoked flavor to steaks, chops, chicken breasts and grilled salmon, while giving you the temperature control of a gas fired broiler.  For more information about our Charbroilers watch these videos! Charbroiler Start-Up   Pork Tenderloins on the Charbroiler

ConstructionDouble Walled Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
Insulation Double Walled Construction surrounding 850 degree F Spin-Glas Insulation
Dimensions 38.5"W x 34.5"D x 36"T (48" with Lid)
Cooking Capacity 12 oz Ribeye: 24 pcs., 11 oz NY Strip: 24 pcs., 8 oz Filet: 31 pcs., 8 oz Chicken Breast: 30 pcs., 4 oz Hamburger: 30 pcs.
Cooking Area 36" x 20" = 720 sq. in.
Cooking Surface Heavy duty cast iron grates 1 1/2" thick
Fuel Source 100% Wood, Food Grade Pellets
Pellet Heat
Fuel Usage 100% food grade wood pellets average cost is $.50 per pound
Low (250°F average temperature): 2 lbs. per hour
Med(500°F average temperature): 4 lbs. per hour
High (700°F average temperature): 6 lbs. per hour
Temperature Settings High: 700°, Medium: 500°, Low: 250°
Hopper Capacity 60lbs capacity, 12 lbs. per hour
Controllers/Firepots 2 digital controllers / 3 firepots
Electrical Requirements 120V, 8 amps (required to operate pellet system auger and igniter)

Power cord approximate length 54" (may vary by +/- 6")

Master on/off switch

Certifications NSF & ETL Listed and Made in the USA
Standard Equipment 6 cooking grates, grate removal tool, 2 drip trays, 3 heat deflectors, operator’s manual and 200 lbs. pellets
Optional Equipment
Shipping Weight 570 lbs.

Cookshack's 36" Charbroiler lets you concentrate on the quality of food, not stoking the fire &  it is simple to use.  You just set the cooking temperature and the Charbroiler regulates the wood and the cooking temperature to turn out a consistent product every time.

Ordering is through a secure server. Cookshack's Limited Warranty is as follows: 90 days from date of purchase, parts and labor; 2 years from date of purchase, parts only.  Replacement parts are warranted one year from date of purchase.

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Customer Reviews:

Blazin' beast!, 6/28/2013
By Kevin (San Francisco, California)

Needed to replace the grill I use for catering and found the char broiler when ordering my FEC. Boy does this thing blaze! Make sure to grab some long, insulated gloves with this cause the CB036 will melt the skin off your arms. And the smoke puffs out like a chimney at Christmas. So much smoke, I couldn't even look at the grates when opening the lid. Grilled 32 pound burgers in 5 mins, nice char, great flavor. If you need a new grill and have the space for it, just buy it. The first cook you do alone might set you in a bit of buyer's remorse at this price, but after your first cook off, you'll know why you bought it. If you cater, get two CB024 cause these things are huge. Probably can't fit this 36 into many elevators.
WOW, 2/14/2015
By Bryan (Charlotte, NC)

I just completed my first cook on my CB036 along with my 14 year old son. The best thing I can say is \"save up your pennies and buy one, no questions asked\". The Charbroiler produced the best steaks and shrimps I have ever done. Cookshack your Charbroiler is a winner.