The Commercial Charbroiler uses 100% wood-burning pellets that gives you the ease of use of a gas grill while giving you the flavor of cooking over wood.  For more information about our charbroilers watch these videos! Charbroiler Start-Up  Charbroiler Kabobs   Grilled Chicken, Sausage and Asparagus

Charbroiler Model CB024

Price: $4,000.00

Charbroiler Model CB024 (Patent # 7900553)

Charbroiler Model CB036

Price: $5,000.00

Charbroiler Model CB036 (Patent # 7900553)

Charbroiler Model CB048

Price: $6,000.00

Charbroiler Model CB048 (Patent # 7900553)

CB149 Split Lid, 48" Charbroiler

Price: $850.00

CB149 Split Lid for the 48" Charbroiler CB048