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Heather's Smoked Brisket


8-9 lb. packer trim beef brisket
Seasoned salt to taste
Lemon pepper to taste


Trim off the excess fat from the brisket. Cover the whole brisket in seasoned salt and lemon pepper and refrigerate overnight.
Smoke the brisket for 4 hours at 225°F with 2 ounces of hickory. Take the brisket out of the smoker.
Make a foil bed and place the brisket in it. Cover all four sides of the brisket with onion flakes and pour about half of an eighteen ounce bottle of BBQ sauce (your choice, I like the Cookshack Mild Barbecue Sauce) and wrap up in the foil.
Finish cooking for about 6 more hours or until the brisket reaches an internal temperature of at least 195ºF. When it is done it should literally fall apart.
After you take out of the smoker unwrap the foil and put the brisket in a big pan. Tear it all apart and add more sauce if needed, just to get the flavor that you want.
I put it on buns and serve with chips, potato salad and other barbecue favorites.