BBQ Resources

Butcher BBQ

Butcher’s simple to use BBQ Marinades/Spices/Injections are in our “humble opinion” one of the best. They are designed to be injected into meat to increase the moisture while intensifying the natural meat flavors.

Chop's Power Injector System

If you need to inject large quantities of brisket or pork butt, this system is recommended by some of the best in the business.


Where Barbecue Lovers Strut Their Stuff!
Home to BBQSuperStars Radio and Television Shows and lots of information about the world of BBQ!


Funny Name…Serious BBQ
2011 Best Culinary Award
Ohio based company

Pellet Heads

The PelletHeads Forum is an excellent source to learn more about pellet-fired ovens and grills.

The Smoke Ring Forum

The Smoke Ring Forum is another great resource to get information on competition barbecue.


The Kansas City Barbecue Society official site will let you know about cooking and judging classes, competitions and other information related to competitive barbecue.

BBQ Bros Blog

Articles about BBQ and resources including a YouTube Channel Stoked on Smoke

Sunshine Sweet Corn

Tips for grilling sweet corn from the growers of Florida.

Ghost Pepper Farms

Featuring 100% all natural dried products, these premium gourmet super hot chile pepper products will add heat and spice to your dishes!

Americans at Work was created to provide consumers with an easy to use and highly accessible means of finding products made in America. The directory is constantly being updated as new companies are added after being thoroughly researched and accredited.

The BBQ Central Show

Airing live weekly on Tuesday evening from 9pm-11pm with Greg Rempe hosting.