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PV016 RibRack, Model FEC100/FEC120/FEC240


PV016 RibRack, Model FEC100/FEC120/FEC240


Product Details

Load the slabs in the RibRacks and slide them right into your smoker's side racks. Slabs are easier and quicker to handle when loaded in RibRacks. Pick up two sets of RibRacks and have one ready to go in the smoker as one comes out -- double your turnaround time! Each RibRack holds 10 slabs of ribs.

Dimensions 23" x 17" x 3"
Cooking Capacity
Cooking Area
Cooking Surface
Fuel Source
Pellet Heat
Fuel Usage
Temperature Settings
Hopper Capacity
Electrical Requirements
Standard Equipment
Optional Equipment
Shipping Weight 5.55 lbs.

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