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PM009 Jerky Rods (24), Model SM260


PM009 Jerky Rods (24), Model SM260/Fixed Shelf FEC Units


Product Details

Use the PM009 in the SM260, FEC100, FEC120 or FEC240 for easy jerky! Skewer strips of jerky on these Jerky Rods and place them in your smoker's side rack's slides. Heat, smoke, and air will circulate around the pieces, and you will be eating delicious jerky!  They can also be used to skewer meat and vegetables for kabobs. 

Dimensions 23.5"
Cooking Capacity
Cooking Area
Cooking Surface
Fuel Source
Pellet Heat
Fuel Usage
Temperature Settings
Hopper Capacity
Electrical Requirements
Standard Equipment
Optional Equipment
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.

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