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Residential Media Gallery

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Smokette Original Model SM009-2

Cookshack SM009-2 Right ViewCookshack SM009-2 Left View

Smokette Elite Model SM025

Cookshack SM025 Right ViewCookshack SM025 Left View

SuperSmoker Model SM045

Cookshack SM045 Right ViewCookshack SM045 Left View

AmeriQue Model SM066

Cookshack SM066 Right ViewCookshack SM066 Controller Close Up View


Cookshack PG500 Closed ViewCookshack PG500 Open View


Cookshack PG1000 Closed ViewCookshack PG1000 Open View

Commercial Media Gallery

Pizza Oven Model PZ400

Cookshack PZ400 Closed ViewCookshack PZ400 Open ViewCookshack PZ400 Inside View

SmartSmoker Model SM160

Cookshack SM160 Closed ViewCookshack SM160 Open ViewCookshack SM160 With Dave View

SmartSmoker Model SM260

Cookshack SM260 Closed ViewCookshack SM260 Open ViewCookshack SM260 Controller Close Up View

SmartSmoker Model SM360

Cookshack SM360 Closed ViewCookshack SM360 Open ViewCookshack SM360 Controller Close Up View

Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC120

Cookshack FEC120 Front ViewCookshack FEC120 Left ViewCookshack FEC120 Right View

Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC240

Cookshack FEC240 Front ViewCookshack FEC240 with Stuart ViewCookshack FEC240 Right View

Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC300

Cookshack FEC300 Front ViewCookshack FEC300 Right ViewCookshack FEC300 Controller View

Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC500

Cookshack FEC500 Front ViewCookshack FEC500 Right ViewCookshack FEC500 Left View

Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC750

Cookshack FEC750 Front ViewCookshack FEC750 Front View

Charbroiler Model CB024

Cookshack CB024 Front ViewCookshack CB024 Left ViewCookshack CB024 Right View

Charbroiler Model CB036

Cookshack CB048 Front ViewCookshack CB048 Left ViewCookshack CB048 Right View

Charbroiler Model CB048

Cookshack CB048 Left ViewCookshack CB048 Right View

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