We love barbecue! The old-fashioned, slow-smoked kind that has your mouth watering long before the barbecue comes out of the smoker. Forum members are friendly people representing all skill levels. The old-timers like to answer questions and they like to talk to each other about recipes and techniques. It's a great place to learn about and improve your barbecue skills.

Upgrades Coming August 1st

Cookshack is working with Hoop.la to upgrade our forum! We will have many more features and functionalities than before! We are trying to make this switch as simple as possible, however, some forum down time is expected. We appreciate your patience with us during this time and we will keep you updated as we get further in the process.

The Forum is back up and running

Expect some down time on August 1st. In order not to duplicate your account, your email on the old forum will need to be the same as on the new forum.


Our upgrades were successful and we are officially using the Hoop.la platform to host our forum. Thank you everyone for being so patient with us during this process! If you have any suggestions on how to make the forum better or features you would like us to look into adding, please email Christa at c_jones@cookshack.com.

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