Why choose Cookshack?

Who does not love getting together with friends and family to enjoy a delicious dinner complete with great conversation and good times? That is exactly what you get when you choose Cookshack. We are a family that has been in the making for more than 50 years. Our goal is to help you make enjoyable smoked foods with as little effort as possible.

How much wood should I put in the wood box of my electric smoker?

The amount of wood will vary based on your personal taste, however, we recomment only putting 2 oz. of wood when cooking up to 60 lbs. of meat. Adding too much wood, or adding more wood halfway through the cooking cycle, can cause your food to taste bitter. Each electric smoker comes with a box of wood. One of those chunks is all you should need for an all day smoke.

What is the best wood for smoking?

Like most questions about barbecue, the answer depends on whom you ask. In general, hickory is a nationwide favorite. Mesquite has some regional popularity, as does alder, oak, and pecan. If you stick to fruit or nut hardwoods, you will always get good flavor.

What kind of pellets should I use with my pellet grill, pizza oven, charbroiler or pellet smoker?

Use only 100% food grade wood pellets in order to keep your warranty in tact. We offer mesquite, hickory, oak and fruitwood pellets in 20 lb. bags. You can use you favorite brand in many other flavors (We also recommend BBQ'rs Delight pellets). Do not use pellets designed for furnaces. Keep pellets dry so they do not swell and clog the auger.

What are some benefits of an electric or pellet fired smokers?

Gas and charcoal are great for grilling, where there is plenty of air circulation. They are not ideal for cooking in an enclosed environment such as a smoker. Stick to honest-to-goodness real wood chunks or pellets for best results and flavor. Plus, as all true pitmasters know, wood smoke always tastes better than charcoal or propane!

What in the World is Cookshack?

We are a company dedicated to spreading the love of genuine pit barbecue and wood smoked foods. A leader in the market for more than 50 years, Cookshack's state-of-the-art ovens are distributed worldwide to people on all walks of life, from backyard cooks to restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, convenience stores and meat markets.

Do you have a smoker oven for home use?

You bet! We have four electric models: The Smokette (SM009-2), Smokette Elite (SM025), SuperSmoker Elite (SM045) and the AmeriQue (SM066). We also have three models that use wood pellets: The PG500, the PG1000 and the FEC100.

Can you use your residential smoker inside?

We recommend using your smoker in your garage or outside on a driveway or patio. Even though the smoke is aromatic and delightful outside, it's not so great permeating your drapes. They are great for installing in an outdoor kitchen.

Where are Cookshack smokers and grills made?

Cookshack smokers are solidly crafted in Ponca City, Okla.! Cookshack chooses not to go to a foreign manufacturer for any of our products so we can control materials and quality. We want to give you a well-made smoker all while supporting the US economy.

How do you clean the smoker?

If you can load your dishwasher, you can clean this smoker. Grills and racks go straight in the dishwasher, and you can wipe down the interior of the smoker with paper towels as needed.

When people refer to “plateau” in smoking meats what do they mean?

From SmokingDuffey, our unofficial forum physicist: A phase change causes the plateauing; the collagen and fat in the meat are changing phase from a solid to a liquid. One must supply energy to accomplish this phase change. While the fat and collagen are absorbing the energy (heat) from the smoker to melt, none is available for raising the temperature of the meat. It is similar to ice melting. When ice and water are in a glass, the water will remain at 32°F (0°C) until all the ice is melted, then the temperature will increase. The heat goes into melting the ice, not raising the temperature of the water.
Nothing mysterious, just thermodynamics.

Do Cookshack smokers get hot on the outside?

No! Our smokers do not get hot on the outside, so children and pets are safe. The heat stays on the inside thanks to the 850° Spin-Glas® insulation sandwiched between the smoker's inner and outer walls in top and sides.

Do I need to soak my wood chunks before using them?

Forget about soaking wood before smoking. With Cookshack smokers, wood chunks go in dry. Due to the wood chunks size and the low temperature that the smoker is kept at, wood will smolder providing a smoky atmosphere, but will never ignite.

Can I smoke overnight in my pellet grill?

Yes! You can smoke low and slow on the indirect side of your pellet grill all night long; however, your fire could blow out from the wind.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Commercial Pellet Fired Smokers

Q: Control panel does not power up
A: Unit is not plugged into a working outlet (110 VAC)- Check the outlet to ensure it is working or plug into alternate source
A: Main fuse on control panel- Replace fuse with 15 amp fuse only
A: 450° limit switch tripped- Unplug unit and reset the limit switch by pushing in on the button (FEC300 Reset is on the left side of the smoker by the control panel while the FEC500 and FEC750 Reset is on the front panel below the fuse)

Q:Rotisserie is not rotating with foot pedal but does rotate during the cook mode
A: Foot pedal is not plugged in correctly -Plug in foot pedal

Q: Rotisserie does not function in cook mode but does function with foot pedal
A: Door switch - Ensure that the door is closed, and the switch is contacted

Q: Rotisserie is not working at any time
A: Rotisserie drive problem -Unplug unit -Remove electrical/mechanical service panel -Confirm that the chain drive is in place and tight -Confirm that the drive belt from the motor to the gearbox is in place and tight -Check fuse and replace with 7 amp fuse

Q: Fire goes out during operation
A: Pellet hopper is empty -Inspect hopper and clean pellet dust out and fill with pellets
A: Auger motor is turning but the auger is not turning --Check shear pin between auger and motor-replace if broken
A: Not enough intake air -Check auger for bindingclear cause of binding (such as jammed pellets) -Check air intake air fan-if not turning, contact Customer Service -If fan is turning, refer to installation instructions and verify that the vent pipe is properly installed

Q: Fire does not light
A:Excessive pellet feed -Pellet auger is not cycling, Contact Customer Service
A:Pellet Hopper is empty -Inspect hopper and clean pellet dust out, then fill with pellets
A: Switch on pellet hopper is not in contact with the lid -Clear pellets so the lid will fully close or adjust the switch to make contact with closed hopper lid
A: Dirty fire pot -Open firebox and clean fire pot and try to restart unit -Open pellet hopper lid and push the start button
A:Trouble with igniter -Open the firebox and feel over the pot. If the pot is hot, the igniter is fine. If pot is cold, contact Customer Service. -You can manually light the unit also-see procedure in startup section
A: Not enough intake air -Check air intake fan-if not turning, contact Customer Service -If fan is turning, refer to the installation instructions and verify that the vent pipe is properly installed
A: Oven temperature is over 130°F -Light manually or wait for oven to cool

Commercial Electric Smokers

Q: Uneven Cooking
A: Imporper meat loading- See loading instruction

Q: Strong grease fume or "charcoal" flavor
A: Excessively dirty oven -See Shut Down and Maintenance Instructions

Q: Meat sticks to lower grill
A: Heavy “blanket” loading -Load with ample room for upward passage of heat

Q: Smoke is coming from the top of the door
A: This is normal -No need to change

Q: Product gets too done on the bottom grill; product on top grills is raw or underdone
A: Improper loading- Load lighter at the bottom for efficient heat and smoke circulation

Q: Door alarm sounds when door is closed
A: Door Closed Switch is Dirty- Clean door switch

Q: Poultry is too dark or skin is bitter; Fish is too dark
A: Too much wood- use less wood

Q: Dry product
A: Oven humidity is too low -Increase heat, decrease time -Cook with fattier product -Use a Cookshack Flavor Reservoir (Part PM015)

Residential Smokers

Q: Smoker keeps tripping GFI
A: Plug in your smoker to a non GFI and let it run for 1 hour, then plug back into the GFI outlet