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5 Pack Spice Kit: SP102

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Kit contains a 20 oz. bottle of Signature Barbecue Sauce FKA Spicy Barbecue Sauce, a 10 oz. shaker bottle of RibRub, a 13 oz. shaker bottle of Spicy Chicken Rub, an 8 oz. shaker bottle of Chili Mix, and a 10 oz. shaker bottle of Cookshack Brisket Rub. This kit makes a great gift.

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A great sampler


After purchasing my fine Cookshack smoker, I decided to try this sample pack to see how the products were. I've tried all expect the Chili mix. Here's my review.
<br>The Rib and Brisket rub is outstanding! I've made two full Packer Brisket's using the Brisket Rub and that used up the 11oz so I'll be buying more! I rinsed off the meat, dried it then coated it lightly with oil. Then used about half the bottle of rub and let it sit for about 10 hours. The results were outstanding. Amazingly good bark the one time I didn't wrap the Brisket in foil with a liquid. Really good bark when I did but outstanding when there is no 'braising' as one would expect. The Rib Rub is equally good. I didn't care for the Chicken rub. It's too hot. Now let me point out I live in New Mexico and like hot food! I just thought this was over powering for chicken. I'll stick with my old stand-by, Penzy's BBQ 3000. That rub is a lot more expensive than Cookshack unfortunately. As for the BBQ sauce, very nice. It was perfect with the Brisket. I like a somewhat sweat, Kansas City style sauce with pork but that's too sweet with Beef and this sauce is perfect. And not too hot. Has a nice bite but doesn't over power anything. Best of all, the quality of the rubs I like are really great and the prices are very reasonable.