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Meat Probe: Models with updated probe jack: PV530

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i'm on my third one. it's very expensive and the connector is unique so there are no substitutes. they are fragile and the plastic connecting the prob melts. once that happens it shorts out and is useless. they replaced my first one for free but by the time the second one melted it had been a year so I didn't task for another replacement..maybe they will. regardless, the probe cable is prone to melting.

Breaks easily-

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Not happy with this part we've gone through 4 of them now, incredibly expensive to have to keep re-ordering. When it breaks it screws with the whole process of the smoker.

Mine failed also.

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Like the others, I am on my second probe setup. The connections are weak and fail prematurely. On top of all that, the replacement is absurdly expensive for what it is.


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Great idea, I was excited and hoping when i read about the probe it would work, the second i saw it i knew it was going to be a problem. very expensive and way to delicate to be used in such a rough environment. The casing fell apart the wires are tiny and broke. the thing is useless. what are we supposed to keep buying $95 probes?

probe failure after around 25 uses.

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this probe is a problem. mine worked fine for a couple dozen times but is now inaccurate, off by 7-10 degrees compared to a hand held backup device. i noticed other reviews note a fraying or separation of plastic cord to the metal probe. i have the same problem. sure wish company could fix this problem. seems like an easy fix too.

Bad design!

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Probe has melted! Not happy!