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Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack Model FEC240 Pellet Smoker Oven

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The Fast Eddy's™ by Cookshack FEC240 is the largest of our fixed shelf commercial pellet smokers. It is a 100% wood pellet smoker with the new IQ5 electronic control system. The FEC240 has a small footprint but a high capacity to smoke or barbecue products, making it the perfect choice for large scale operations. If kitchen space is a premium, then this is the perfect unit for you! It features an offset firebox and convection fan to circulate smoke and heat for steady temperatures throughout the unit. The FEC240, like all of our commercial pellet fired smokers, is NSF and USDA Approved, Warnock Hersey and ETL Listed (Approved USA and Canada) as Commercial Cooking Equipment. To ensure proper operation of this unit indoors, you must adequately ventilate the unit.


Cooking Capacity250 lbs. pork butt, 240 lbs. brisket, 180 lbs. ribs or 60 whole chickens per load
Shelves/Grills(8) 23x17" Nickel Plated Grills
Cooking Area3,128 sq. in. or 21.72 sq. ft.
Temperature Range160-400°F
Shipping Weight640 lbs.
Included Equipment8 grills, side racks, drip pan, pre-installed casters, operator’s manual, cookbook, 60 lbs. pellets and Cookshack Spice Kit
Pellet Usage1.5 lb. of pellets per hour at 250°F
Construction and InsulationDouble walled stainless steel intererior and exterior surrounding 850°F Spin-Glas Insulation keeping outside of the smoker cool to the touch.

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Cooking machine


Love this smoker! I do travel with my smokers so wish it was a little more travel friendly. Would like to have a place to strap in tie down ect. And maybe a different door latch system. Maybe a semi trailer door type latch that still gives you 3 points of fasteners with one handle. But it's a cooker and that's what it does and it does it very well!! Proud to own such a fine product.



Just finished my first smoke in my FEC240. Let me start by stating that I have purchased three FEC100's and recently a PG500 all since March of 2010. In the early days Bill and Tony in customer support exercised extreme support and tolerance in putting up with me as I learned the process to keep my FEC100 clean and operating trouble free. I will mention that I caught those first few units on fire more times than I will admit. User error every single time! Now we spend about 3 or 4 minutes scraping the trough out and replacing the foil in the recommended areas and we have not flamed one of these up in more than three years. You can probably guess that we use these a lot. Every single day. I should also mention that we have had zero mechanical issues with these units in a few years also. I will say that I light them with a MAP gas torch now and no longer use the igniter. Its just faster and easier for me. We have a small sub shop and smoke top sirloin, prime rib, chicken and pork shoulder. I was always convinced that I could not be happier with the product from that FEC100. It really does produce a fantastic product. A few months ago I was ordering some rub from Cookshack and stumbled across the PG500 and bought one for home use. Oh my goodness! I had no idea this thing even had a charbroiler! I have zero use for the stove in my home anymore. The PG500 is completely in a class all by itself. I digress, I began by mentioning the FEC240. I am not really sure where to begin. I have only run one load of meat through this machine and my vocabulary will not allow me to adequately express the degree to which I am profoundly happy with it. I only smoked about 120 pounds of pork shoulder and a Brisket. The pork which was done using the preset "2" on an evening which was a bit chilly, yes I pushed the smoker outside and it was about 31 degrees. Preset 2 will give you a 6 hour smoke at 180 degrees then cook at 250 degrees for 8 hours. Wow! totally even cook throughout. color, and texture/consistency perfect. I would recommend a show shovel to scoop these butts off the racks. It was sort of like grabbing hand fulls of mashed potatoes. Pulling this pork was effortless. Similarly the Brisket was exactly as you would expect. I am anxious to try all of the rest of our menu items in this smoker. I will certainly post any thoughts or impressions pertaining to this unit in the future. Feel free to visit the Facebook page from my sub shop to see some photos of the many items we smoke in all of these devices. We are Z and J Asian Subs in Eureka, Ca.


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Bought an FEC120 few years back, worked great. Needed more capacity so I bought two FEC240 instead of the FEC300 (size matters). Besides the igniters now out on both units after almost three years, these units are fantastic! Very reliable. They both maintain accurate temperatures much better than the old FEC120s (Q4 controller old one), so much better in fact that I had to make custom adjustments to the Q5 controller settings in order to burn mesquite. But that is an option and boy these units are really set-and-forget, except of course for rotating the fixed shelves a couple times throughout the cook. Temp dif from top, middle, bottom less than 5 degrees at any given time. Can load 15 whole packers and up to 21 pork butts in one cook. Efficient, cheap, and much easier to clean than the old FEC120s. I do think Cookshack could make these unit even easier to clean, but that's the job. Anyway, great machine, great service.